Total savings of 65%.

Case Study – PLMR

Key Results

About PLMR

PLMR is an award-winning public affairs, PR and digital marketing agency, headquartered in Westminster at the heart of the UK’s political scene, and with regional office around the UK. With more than 50 consultants working across a wide range of sectors with various specialisms, PLMR is one of Britain’s fastest-growing communications companies.


PLMR had staggered contract end dates, making it difficult to negotiate discounts on renewal. Additionally, they had individual plans with individual data allowances, which didn’t allow any offset between low and high data users in any given month, i.e. no pooling of data. The account was managed by the EE Small Business Team, which offered less attractive discounts than a Corporate contract with reduced flexibility and inferior account management.

The brief: Due to the company’s growth, the current plan did not offer the flexibility they required, and this needed addressing along with delivering lower monthly costs and securing a meaningful handset fund at renewal.


Using Billmonitor’s unique, evidence-based software, the team compiled a multifaceted approach:

“I was impressed by how efficiently the account was managed on individual connection contracts when we started the project. However, the contract was simply no longer fit for purpose as PLMR has experienced significant growth over the last few years. The move to a corporate contract enabled PLMR to achieve huge savings along with a significantly increased handset fund without having to change providers. This is a common issue, where a business has an initially efficient contract that has not been adjusted to take account of subsequent growth.”

Jamie Boulton

Senior Account Manager, Billmonitor LTD

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