Businesses overpay for mobiles, even more so than consumers.

The Billmonitor Business Mobile Report 2018 shows that businesses, particularly mid-sized and larger SMEs, are overpaying significantly more per connection than consumers. In addition, Billmonitor estimates total annual overspend by UK SMEs of £1-billion, and that an astonishing 38,000 UK businesses could each save at least £10,000 per year.

The findings, which Billmonitor came to by analysing billing data from 357 business mobile phone accounts and over 4,000 consumer accounts using their proprietary software developed by Oxford mathematicians, are part of the first ever published analysis of the mobile market for UK businesses.

Discussing the annual report, Billmonitor Managing Director Klaus Henke says:

“This is the first time that Billmonitor has produced a comprehensive report on the state of the business mobile market, with a focus on small to medium sized businesses in the UK. The results were a real eye-opener as businesses on average overpaying for their mobile phone services by 96% while consumers ‘only’ overpay by 66%.”

The report has shown that larger businesses tend to overpay proportionately more that smaller organisations. Bills becoming more complex and deliberate market obfuscation are two of the main reasons for this, which drives up the savings potential, relative and absolute:

  • Larger SMEs with an average of 105 connections can save on average £231 per connection or £24,177 per year
  • Smaller SMEs with an average of 21 connections can save on average £197 per connection or £4,058 per year


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