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…reducing mobile phone spend while improving cost transparency

We can analyse


…and varous other providers


Local and regional authorities, NHS and private health care providers, charities and educational institutes


Capital City College Group achieved instant savings of 15% and new contract savings of 76% on renewal

Central Surrey Health reduced their costs by nearly*50%

Barts Cancer Institute saved 42% on their mobile bills

City & Guilds received instant cashflow savings of 30% with projected combined savings of*60%

How much could you save?

Your savings potential is driven by the number of connections and the amount of mobile data you use. Our recent FOI research covered 555 public sector organisations and highlighted huge savings as no connection should cost more than £2.50 per connection.

NHS trusts and local authorities can save on average 70%

Graph shows average monthly net cost per connection by type of organisation.

While many charities and educational institutions are often tightly managed, our work shows that many are able to use the same discounted public sector frameworks and thus are able to achieve similar savings.

Now get it spot on.

If you give us your phone account details for online billing, our evidence-based engine can ‘crunch’ your bill and discover the best plan for your organisation (average savings of about 50%).

We’ll then arrange a free, no obligation consultation to talk you through the findings.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your account details to hand, just send us some basic details about your mobile account and your contact details via the form below and we’ll reach out to explain how we can identify savings for you.

Billmonitor believes that all organisations have a responsibility towards their employees, clients, community and environment. We are therefore regularly reviewing our core values and have selected the following four as being the most relevant for us, as an organisation but also individually.

We worked on our values in collaboration with Value Match – a values-led organisation that shares the belief that all organisations should be purpose-focused and value driven – in order to address social and economic inequalities, and positively impact the environment.

The Value Match Model helped us to identify our core values which have a high impact upon all our stakeholders and maximise impact in our delivery – bringing real cost benefits to the public sector.

Billmonitor was launched in 2009 by three mathematicians in Oxford.

Using advanced maths to turn the complexity of bills and tariffs into simple, actionable intelligence, it allows users to make informed decisions and save money in a market where the networks do their best to keep things murky.