On the back of a chance discussion with 2023’s Christmas tree organiser at CSH Surrey, Billmonitor decided to support the employee-owned NHS community healthcare provider with a Christmas tree, fairy lights and a shopping trolley full of mince pies, rocky roads, Christmas rolls, cookies, fruitcake and Christmas puddings for distribution to all their sites throughout Surrey.

Adam, our local tech-support, coordinated everything, while the team were responsible for decoration. The result was a wonderfully festive tree, which brought lots of smiles to employees and visitors alike.


Adam, pictured with the tree above, commented that:

“It was fun to organise something other than a new phone or SIM card! laughing


CSH Surrey

San, this year’s tree organiser added that

“We wanted to do something different this year and also ensure that not only the HQ had something to celebrate but all our locations in Surrey. The tree looks great and the snacks worked wonders. We received lots of lovely comments from colleagues! Big thank you to Billmonitor!”


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