Why the right contract?

The wrong contract problem

Billmonitor has analysed many thousands of users since 2009. From this analysis, we see that 70% of people in the UK are on the wrong mobile phone contract, paying too much money and getting too little value. This is because the mobile phone world is complex with many operators, many contract types, and many extras, bundles and incentives producing literally millions of deals.

Faced with that number of deals, and with no accurate knowledge about how they use their phone, it’s no surprise that many people pick the wrong contract. It’s a lot simpler to be on the wrong contract than be on the right one.

The mathematical solution

Invented by mathematicians in Oxford and approved by Ofcom, Billmonitor is an impartial service that can help everyone in the UK to change from the wrong mobile phone contract to the right one.

Using highly developed statistical methods, Billmonitor analyses your online bills to find out exactly how you use your phone, analyses all the contract deals in the market and then matches you to exactly the right contract so you pay no more than you should.

The right contract

The right contract makes a big difference. If everyone used Billmonitor to find the right contract, the UK average monthly bill would drop from £30.94 to £18.64, which, for the 70% of people on the wrong contract, would be a saving of £148 per person per year on average. And if you’re one of the 30% who are already on the right contract, Billmonitor can tell you more about your allowances so you use as much of that contract as you can.

Wrong, right and Billmonitor

You’ll see Billmonitor using the words ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ a lot. For Billmonitor, these words are not casual turns of phrase but terms of absolute mathematical certainty; ‘right’ meaning ‘absolutely mathematically correct for you’ and ‘wrong’ meaning everything else.

If Billmonitor finds a way to improve your current contract, either by suggesting a new contract or a change to your current contract to better match the way you use your phone, it will tell you you’re ‘on the wrong contract’ and point you to the right one.

But if Billmonitor runs its analysis and cannot find anything better than your current contract, it will tell you ‘you’re already on the right contract’ and congratulate you for having found it.

This means that Billmonitor will actively tell a certain proportion of users not to buy a new contract through Billmonitor. If it doesn’t make mathematical sense, it makes no sense.