The London and Manchester based professional cleaning service enjoyed SAVINGS OF 45% through addressing their excess data charges while still in contract.


About Cleanology

Cleanology provides professional office and commercial cleaning services, as well as property maintenance and support services across London and Manchester to some of the world’s most famous brands.

The challenge in brief 

Identify and address the reason for the exceptionally high costs, and deliver lower monthly costs while also securing a meaningful handset fund on the upcoming renewal.

“The issue of excess data charges is often difficult to identify, particularly in the case of contracts with shared data allowance. As new employees join the existing mobile phone contract, the need to increase the data allowance is often overlooked… and the networks have no interest in offering a solution when it happens. We regularly see that this issue is compounded by sloppy contract implementation by the networks or cryptic descriptions in the invoices. Using the Billmonitor software allows us to identify the reasons for excess charges and to take corrective actions, whether it is excess data, voice, international calls or roaming charges.”

Jamie Boulton

Senior account manager at Billmonitor

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